Installing Tubing Within a Subfloor

Installing Radiant Tubing On Top of a Subfloor

Many people ask the question “how can I install radiant heat if I don’t have access to the floor from
below?” One way is to go with a manufactured grooved board system that you can put down and simply
lay the Pex in it. These products (which we do carry) typically have a layer of aluminum on the surface
to assist with the heat transfer. While these products work very well they all have one common fault:
they are just too expensive for the average homeowner to even consider at prices of $8-$10 per square
foot. This price doesn’t even include any of the radiant heating material.

Radiantec has come up with a practical alternative to these expensive products. If you are a competent
do-it-yourselfer and don’t mind working with power tools then you can install a highly efficient radiant
heating system on top of your existing floor for a fraction of the price for the manufactured panel
systems. This supplement will show you how.

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