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Slab Manifolds

Slab manifolds are designed to sit on top of the insulation, wire mesh or rebar before you pour the concrete. Once the tubing is installed, the face plate is reinstalled and you simply pour the concrete around the manifold box. The manifold is designed this way so the tubing doesn’t have to come up out of the concrete where it is often damaged and exposed to UV rays. Over time, UV rays are harmful to Pex tubing.

Comes with:

  1. 10-piece plywood box to:
    • Keep the concrete away from the copper
    • Protect everything during construction
    • Maintain access to the fittings.
  2. Pressure testing equipment including: pressure gauge, air stem (tire type), and air vent
  3. Compression adapters that connect the Pex tubing to the copper manifold.
  4. Shut-off valves on every leg

Once the concrete is poured, the box is taken apart and discarded, leaving the manifold in a “manifold well.”

We manufacture our slab manifolds out of copper with brass fittings. These manifolds go through an extensive testing procedure (12 hours @ 100 psi) to make sure they arrive at your door in perfect working order.

Assembled with compression fittings so this manifold is ready to go and no special tools are required!

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