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Thermostats and Controls

The purpose of Radiantec thermostats and controls is to sense the comfort level of the an area. Heating equipment is then either turned on or off depending on the settings. Radiantec prefers simple thermostats and controls that are low in cost yet highly reliable. Our 35 years of experience tells us that these simple controls work very well in most residential buildings that are energy efficient.

Radiantec offers a couple different types of controls:


A Radiantec air thermostat will sense and display the ambient air temperature. Then, it will operate a control whenever ambient temps fall below the set point. The thermostat will be adjustable and may have different temperature options and set back. Radiantec doesn’t typically recommend the use of so-called “set back” thermostats for radiant heat. Studies show that leaving the thermostat at a constant setting is the most cost effective way to operate your radiant system. We do offer them if you truly need or want one.


A floor thermostat uses a thermistor (probe) which is secured to the floor and then attaches to the thermostat. The probe reads the floor temp and turns on a pump when the floor temp falls below the set point. We find this control to be the best for maintaining constant and stable temps in a radiant heating system. With some high mass radiant systems using air thermostats, the room temp can vary significantly.

A floor thermostat also works well when other forms of heat will be used such as a gas fireplace. The floor thermostat will keep the floor at a nice comfortable temp and the use of the fireplace will not shut it down when it comes on.

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