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Many people ask if it’s okay to buy some of their radiant floor heating components from us and others elsewhere. The simple answer is, “yes, you can purchase whatever you want from any supplier.” The bigger question is, however, is that really in your best interest?

Before a purchase decision is made, Radiantec spends a tremendous amount of time with each customer. We answer many questions, emails, and take numerous phone calls. All for free without any type of purchase commitment. We do this in good faith in hopes that when you do make a purchase, the supplier of your radiant floor heating equipment is Radiantec.

Radiantec is a “for profit” business. In order for the doors to stay open, we need to sell things.  Considering that most new builds end up at least 20% over budget, people need to save when they can. We truly do understand the necessity to save money when possible as long as those savings do not cost you more money and headaches down the road.

Since Radiantec provides “free design assistance,” we can only provide installation advice for components purchased from us.

What About Troubleshooting?

What happens if something doesn’t work properly? Or you have some questions about the installation? A system becomes the system of the installer when a system is built using components from multiple sources. Initially, that may seem okay but what happens when the installer moves? Retires? Goes out of business?

It will be difficult to get help if your system is cobbled together with parts from many suppliers. Selling your home may be more difficult as well if you have a homemade system.

When you purchase our system, everything is kept on file. When you call with questions, we’ll know exactly what you ordered and how it was installed. This is important because it allows us to easily troubleshoot any issues over the phone. Now or 15 years from now. This same service will continue even after you sell your home

We get calls on a daily basis from customers that purchased equipment from online supply houses and they don’t know what to do or how to install it. Or it’s not working properly.  Or they received bad information. Radiantec has been in the radiant floor heating business since 1979. Our methods are proven. Our advice and recommendations come from our own experience and not something we read in a book.

We feel it’s important that whichever company you choose should supply as much of the radiant floor heating material as possible.  Also, the installation instructions should come from that same company and should be followed exactly.

If you have questions or want a free quote, please go to this page.