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Quote Cover Letter

Dear Customer, First of all, thank you for your request for a material specification and price quotation. We promise to do our best for you if you decide to favor us with your business.

Robert J. Starr, President, The Radiantec CompanyMany of our customers will have additional questions after they receive their quotation. This page is designed to provide the most complete information and help ensure that you have not overlooked anything important. You can navigate directly by clicking on the orange links. However, if you prefer, we will gladly mail you a printed copy of anything you request.

Thank you again for your request and do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.

Robert J. Starr,
The Radiantec Company

It is very important to us that you be satisfied in every way. Please let us give you the best possible service by giving these topics some thought. We will be happy to make any changes to your quotation that you desire.

About Your Proposal…

Ideally the person who prepared your proposal has had a detailed conversation with you about your project. But in some cases he or she has not been able to speak with you personally. In that case, your customer support technician will have prepared your proposal with the information at hand as if it were going to be installed in his own personal home. In every case, it is important that you carefully look over our proposal with these issues in mind.

  • Is it what you requested?
  • Have you changed your mind on anything?
  • Are there other options you would like to consider?
  • Is the tubing the best choice for you?
  • Will your project comply with local building codes?
  • Will it add to the resale value of your property?
  • Will the project be as energy efficient as possible?
  • Would you like to look at a lower cost option?

About Installation…

A quality installation is important to the overall success of your project. Many of our customers want to know if they should get a contractor or if they can do part or all of it themselves. The best way to get a “feel” for the work is to look at our free installation manuals.

Working on a Radiant Heating Installation
You will see that Radiantec products are do-it- yourself friendly. They are often installed by a “reasonably competent” handyman. A professional contractor should have no difficulty. Be sure to check with your local codes. If you would like Radiantec to provide detailed construction specifications, just ask your customer support person.

A few contractors are resistant to change and might prefer to install their own familiar products. If you want the very latest in high efficiency radiant heat, you may need to assert yourself. Most, however, will respect your right to use new approaches. Those who say that new energy efficient systems can not comply with local codes are incorrect. Some of our customers who want to save money will often do the labor intensive portion of the work themselves and leave the more technical portions of the work to a tradesperson.

Feel free to ask for a list of people who have installed Radiantec products in your area.

Installation packages from Radiantec are a good value. The work is done in the shop under quality controlled circumstances using the right tools and custom made jigs. The work will go easier, faster and more economically. They take much of the uncertainty out of the project and help the contractor price the work more fairly.
Read About Installation Packages

Code Compliance…

Member International Code CouncilIt is always best to make early contact with your local code officials. Radiantec design concepts have been carefully evaluated and approved by the national and international code bodies. Radiantec helps by providing the information that the code official needs to be assured of safety. Radiantec will represent you if you need to provide documentation.

In addition to health and safety considerations, protecting the saleability of your property is another important reason for code compliance. Increasingly, purchasers and mortgage lenders are requiring a building inspection prior to the sale of a property. If this inspection reveals non-compliance with applicable codes, resale value, and in some cases the sale itself, may be jeopardized.
Read more about Building Codes

Is the tubing the right one for your project…

Radiantec offers seven different kinds of tubing for different types of projects. Please check your proposal to be sure that the tubing is ideal for your project and consult with your Radiantec customer support person if you have any questions.

Radiant heat exchanger tubing should be designed and manufactured for the radiant heating purpose. In our opinion, it is a little sloppy to simply pick up some readily available water line. The end result is not likely to perform as well as it would if the materials were more carefully chosen.
Ways Radiantec’s Product Selection can help your Project.

The least desirable place to cut cost is with tubing and fittings. Heat exchanger tubing often goes into inaccessible places where it would be difficult to replace. Is the material approved? Can you work with it? Is it energy efficient?

Here are some of the benefits to proper tubing selection:
Use the correct Tubing for your project!

  • Higher heat output
  • Less pumping cost
  • Longer circuits possible
  • Lower, safer operating temperatures
  • More energy efficient
  • Longer service life
  • Lower electric bills
  • Quieter operation
  • Compatibility with solar heating and alternative energy
  • Read About Engineered Tubing Benefits


CAUTION! Imitation is flattery,
but sometimes it causes problems.

Radiantec is the original radiant heating company for the consumer. Other companies have closely copied Radiantec, but there are important differences in quality and support.

Will it be a Radiantec System?

If you used the recommended materials and followed the directions, you have the assurances that go with a Radiantec system. These include a warranty, continued customer support, code compliance, the ICC evaluation report and our 40+ years of experience.

On the other hand, if you made important changes without our consultation, then it is not a Radiantec System. Please understand this distinction. It is improper to associate the Radiantec name with incorrect products or designs. Also, it is hard for us to support you if we do not know what you did. For example, if you install a Chevrolet carburetor on a Ford engine it may not work well and neither Ford nor Chevy will be able to help you.

Please understand that the toll free customer support number is for the benefit of our customers. If you have technical or code problems with other materials and applications, we would still like to help you, but it will be as time permits and on the following number (1-802-745-1121).

  • There are many companies that offer radiant heating.
  • Fewer companies provide a truly high efficiency product.
  • Fewer still can provide a state of the art solar heating service.
  • And almost no one can provide an affordable highly efficient radiant heating product.
  • But when it comes down to companies who have 30+ years of experience and a solid track record in the affordable high efficiency radiant heating field, there is only one left.

Radiantec Company is Here to Help with your project!