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Wall Mount Manifolds

Wall mount manifolds are designed to be installed on the wall as opposed to being placed in the concrete. They are often used for staple-up applications or when radiant tubing has already been installed in the slab but not connected to anything. Be sure to sleeve the radiant tubing where it will exit the concrete if using this manifold for a slab.

Comes With:

  1. Pressure testing equipment including: pressure gauge, air stem (tire type), and air vent.
  2. Adapter fittings converting the Pex to copper.
  3. Individual shut off valves on each leg.

Radiantec manufactures these wall manifolds out of 3/4″ rigid copper with brass fittings. Then, they go through rigid testing procedure (12 hours @ 100 psi) and arrive at your door in perfect working order.

Wall mount manifolds are assembled with compression fittings so they are ready to go. So, special tools are not required!

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