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When you purchase a radiant system from Radiantec, you get so much more than a box of miscellaneous components. First and foremost, all of us at Radiantec place the utmost emphasis on customer service. We are not simply a retailer of plumbing components. Our goal and passion is to offer the most efficient radiant heating systems at the lowest possible price. We’ve spent 37 years in the radiant industry researching products, developing new technology and creating easy to install packages. This has helped to drive the price of radiant heating down to a more affordable level for the average homeowner.

A radiant heating system is more than common components taken off of the shelf. The questions our technician asks in his initial conversation are very important when planning a radiant heating system. The radiant system can be set up incorrectly, not perform well, and be inefficient if the proper care isn’t taken. Radiant heating is all that we do. We want every single radiant system we sell to be the absolute best in terms of performance and efficiency. We stake our reputation and A+ Better Business Bureau rating that it will be when we gather the proper information.

There are many differences between Radiantec and some of the online supply houses. The biggest one is that they are simply selling you some tubing, a pump, some fittings, or a heater. Most don’t care that you’re using it for radiant heat. They’re not going to offer any installation advice or troubleshooting support after the fact. They didn’t spend any time reviewing your plans and they won’t stand behind it if your radiant “system” doesn’t work properly. More importantly, when you source components from many different suppliers, which one will you call when something goes wrong 5 years from now? 10 years from now? What about if you sell your house, which supplier will the new owner call? When you purchase from Radiantec, we have everything on file and will know what you purchased. We’ll be able to easily troubleshoot any problems and get you going again.

Radiantec uses components primarily manufactured in the US and Canada. We believe this still means something today in regards to quality. Some of the smaller components are manufactured overseas but they are assembled into packages/kits in our facility in Lyndonville, VT. We build our manifolds with our own hard-working staff and then pressure test them at 100 psi for 24 hours. This is an industry best standard. While other manifolds seen online may look flashy, Radiantec’s are built better and will last as longer. Our radiant tubing also comes with an industry best lifetime guarantee. We’ll also provide a custom tubing layout at no additional charge.

The bottom line is that we sell complete radiant heating systems. These systems come with full technical support before, during, and forever after the installation. Many of our competitors sell plumbing components that you have to figure out what to do with. We hope that we’ve clearly explained the difference between the two philosophies. Please read our previous blog post “Radiantec Free Design Assistance” to learn even more about what separates Radiantec from the competition.

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