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Why Our Open Direct System is the Best System

There are many ways to make the warm water that will go through the tubing beneath your floor, and we are constantly asked for our advice about which is the best system.

Here are the Important Considerations (Not Necessarily in Order)

  • The system should be efficient. It should not cost a lot to operate.
    Why is the open direct system so energy efficient?

    1. The open direct system is a combination system getting two uses out of one unit. Stand-by losses of two units are avoided.
    2. The money saved from not buying a boiler can be used to acquire a high-quality condensing water like the Polaris.
    3. The overall low temperature of the unit improves efficiency.
    4. Radiant heating is the most efficient heat delivery system.
    5. The overall simplicity of the unit means that parasitic electrical pumping cost is minimal.
    6. The flow of cold make-up water through the floor reduces the cooling load in the summer.
    7. This nuisance heat is delivered to the domestic water heater where it becomes an energy saving benefit.
    8. The open direct system is appropriate for solar energy assistance.
  • The system should have reasonable capital costs. It should not cost too much to buy in the first place.
  • It should be simple and it should be easy to install and easy to fix.
  • The parts should be easy to come by, and it should not take a specialist to do the work.
  • It should last a very long time.
  • Some of us will want this energy choice to be environmentally responsible. There should be a minimum of pollution. It should save energy so that our children and grandchildren will have something to use in the future. If possible and if practical, it should be convertible to solar heat

For these reasons, it is our opinion that the Open Direct System is the best choice. Click here if you want more information about the Open Direct System

Open Direct System

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