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Customer Support From Start to Finish

Radiantec’s customer support team will help you before, during, and forever after your installation.

Customer Support is important with anything that you purchase, but with radiant heat, the quality of the customer support that you receive is even more important. Here are some of the reasons why.

“I have contacted several radiant heat companies and you folks are the only ones that would take the time to discuss my project with me. I chose to purchase your system and love it. Thank you for your design help.”
Kathleen, MN

Radiant Heating is new.

It is true that the Romans used radiant heating and it is also true that there was a burst of radiant heating activity just after World War II. But so much has changed in radiant heating that for all practical purposes, in this new millennium, radiant heating is a new product.

Radiant heat has changed for the better over the years. Even so, you do not want to be someone’s “guinea pig”. Radiantec has been in business for over 40+ years. Radiantec technology is proven technology.

Customer Support Center
Our knowledgeable technicians answer all your questions

At some point, you are likely to have questions, and you are entitled to quality answers. Radiantec technicians must go through a rigorous training process and they will be able to answer nearly any question that comes up. You always have the right to speak with a senior radiant heating technician with many years of experience.

Local suppliers of radiant heating products do the best that they can, but when you sell hundreds of products it is hard to be very knowledgeable about all of them.

Here is what you will receive from Radiantec.

  1. A free consultation about your project with a knowledgeable technician. He or she will help you decide which systems and materials would be best.
  2. You will receive free design assistance on matters of heat loss analysis, tube size, pump sizes, etc.
  3. You will receive honest and sincere advice. Your technician is obligated to treat your project as if it were his own. If radiant heat is not the best solution for your project, he will tell you that. If you would be better served by another supplier, he will tell you that too.
  4. If you want, your technician will prepare a detailed material specification and price quotation for your project. It will say what you need and what it will cost.
  5. Radiantec will ordinarily ship your product the same day if you order by noon.
  6. Your technician will supply installation instructions, brochures and any other information that you may need.
  7. Radiantec technicians will be available to you during business hours M-F to help you before, during, and forever after your installation.
  8. Radiantec can provide you with a vast number of references from all areas of the country who have worked with many different types of products and systems.

Radiantec Van

Radiantec performs local projects so that all
technicians have “hands on” experience

“Helpful design assistance… detailed instructions… answers to our questions toll-free…”
Mary, OR

Radiant heat is not a sideline for us nor is it one of hundreds of products that we carry.
Radiant heat is all that we do and we do it well.

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