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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is an important part of your project. Our customers give many reasons why they want to use energy efficiently. They cite rising cost, resale value, environmental concerns, overdependence upon unstable countries and other very good reasons.

But it can be a little hard to “separate the wheat from the chaff” when it comes to energy efficiency claims. What are the products that make sense and what products are unproven or too expensive to pay for themselves in a reasonable period of time? Radiantec customers seem to want energy efficiency, but only if it clearly makes sense.

This is where Radiantec can really help with your project. Radiantec has always been concerned about energy efficiency and we have been in business for 40+ years. Watch our video for more information about Radiantec Energy Efficiency.

In 1984 Radiantec was among those awarded the Department of Energy’s Award for a “distinguished contribution to our Nation’s energy efficiency”.Department of Energy Award

Radiantec Company performed early research on the efficient use of radiant heat using solar energy.Solar Energy Research

Click here for more information about Radiantec’s energy efficiency qualifications. We know of many ways to use our energy more efficiently and wisely. Some are excellent ideas that will pay for themselves promptly. Others do not cost anything extra at all. All are well proven over time and meet the major National building codes. Some are eligible for significant tax credits.

The Heating Unit – These are important factors:

The Right Unit

Do not necessarily use a boiler. To some people, this is heresy, but the fact is that water heaters often work better than boilers for radiant heat and they do meet codes in most areas. Look for a unit that can legally be vented with plastic pipe. A plastic vent on a heating unit means that nearly all of the heat from the combustion went into the heater (which is what you want), and not much is going up the vent (which is what you don’t want). Otherwise the plastic would melt. If a heating unit must be vented with high temperature materials like steel, the efficiency is not really there.

Click here for more information about using a water heater to supply heating.

The following are 3 important factors to consider when purchasing a water heater.

  1. A large combustion chamber and flueA large chamber is more capable of exchanging heat than a smaller one. The Polaris water heater has a serious flue chamber that really is capable of extracting the heat of the combustion. The flue is really a heat exchanger and the performance of any heat exchanger is directly related to its size.
  2. Condensation – The ability to condense the flue gasses to water.
  3. Standby Losses – How much will your heating unit waste just sitting there being ready to function. Some waste 25%: some waste 2%. It’s really up to you to choose.

Some of the Other Factors

Certainly, the quality of the heating unit is a very important factor; but at Radiantec, it is just a good beginning. Here are the other factors.

  1. Radiant HeatRadiant heat by itself is more efficient than baseboard or forced hot air. Briefly, the feeling of comfort is caused by a combination of air temperature and radiant energy. When you receive more radiant energy, the occupant can feel comfortable at a lower air temperature. It is a little like sunshine. The lower air temperature is more refreshing and it also saves considerable amounts of energy. Scientific experts predict that you can save 25% of your heating costs with radiant. Click here for a detailed independent technical description of these energy saving benefits from the scientific experts.
  2. Energy Efficient Design – Some radiant systems use much more electricity than others to do the same job.


    Some heating units require an unreasonable amount of pumping energy to move water through the unit. It would be a shame to buy two high head pumps and then forever listen to the noise that they make and also pay for the electricity that they use. Modulating gas units are particularly subject to this problem.

  3. Use Energy Efficient Pumps – Pumps vary greatly in the amount of electricity that they use to do a given amount of work. Radiantec pumps are the most efficient available, and in addition to that, most are adjustable so that you can set them on the lowest speed that is effective. The cost difference here is either very small and often none at all.
  4. Use individual pumps for each heating zone. If you do that, when only one heating zone is called for, you will only be using the electricity that you need. The alternative is to use one large pump with zone control valves. This alternative wastes electricity because the pump must be large enough to run all the zones at once and usually only one or two are on. This is another example where energy efficiency will cost little or nothing.
    Use Individual pumps for each heating zone.
  5. Insulate effectively – Which way is the heat going to go? Hot air and hot water will always rise; but radiant heat can go in any direction. What is the best way to make your radiant heat go where it is wanted and not go where it will be wasted? Radiantec research and development will get you the best answers. Consult with your Radiantec technician for the latest information about insulation and heat migration. These things matter a lot.
  6. Use the right tubing. Our selection of tubing can help!Select the right tubing – Use the right size tubing; and use the right length. It takes a lot of unnecessary electrical energy to move warm water through long lengths of unreasonably small tubing. Larger tubes with shorter runs will use a lot less electricity than smaller tubes with longer runs. Different arrangements can perform well, but a designer who knows what he is doing and cares about electrical consumption can save a lot of money for the customer. Radiantec’s large selection of radiant heating tubes benefits the customer.
    Click here to see how Radiantec’s large selection of products can benefit your project.
  7. Adaptability – A fuel choice that seems like a good choice today may not look so good tomorrow. You may want to look at the ability to convert to another energy source or possibly an alternative energy source like solar or wood or coal. It is our opinion that a domestic hot water based energy system provides the most flexibility because it incorporates some energy storage and domestic hot water can be made in a variety of ways.
  8. Solar heating now. – Solar heating systems have improved significantly over the past 20 years. They are more efficient and require fewer solar collectors. The cost benefit is even greater now with the current escalation in the cost of conventional energy sources and tax credits at the national and state levels.

Tax Credits – Energy efficiency is in the National interest. Recognizing this, Congress has enacted tax credits to make good investments even better. Many States are either considering or have enacted additional credits.

An energy efficient radiant heating system will benefit you every day.
Radiantec Company is a longstanding leader in the area of energy efficiency.
Let us help you make your project the best it can be

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