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Radiantec Company is the original radiant heating company for the do-it-yourselfer. We’ve been in this business since 1979 and when we started there were only a few radiant heating companies but now there are many. We get asked regularly what separates Radiantec from our competitors and one of the many things is our free design assistance and material calculation.

Exactly what is free design assistance you may ask? If you send us your radiant project information and/or plans (the easiest way to get this started is by completing our Next Step form) then one of our technicians will reach out to you and provide a free consultation. First and foremost, he will help you decide if radiant heat is right for you. This is a very important first step for retrofits especially. Some older homes may have excessively thick sub-floors, poor insulation, old windows, or no really good way to install the tubing. In any of these scenarios, the radiant heat may not be able to provide all of the heat for the home. If the customer was looking to install radiant heat and get rid of their radiators, for example, they will want to know this bit of information before they get too far into project and especially before they make any type of purchase. Some companies will sell a radiant heating system without full disclosure of its capabilities or limitations but you will not get that from Radiantec.

Next, he will help you decide which radiant system may be best and also recommend zoning based on your floor plan and how you plan to use the space. Then he will help you decide which radiant tubing will work best based on the size of your project and your method of installation. Every single question we ask and all of the information you provide is very important when planning a radiant heating system. If the proper care isn’t taken, the system can be set up incorrectly, not perform well, and be very inefficient. Radiant heating is all that we do; we want every single radiant system that we sell to be the absolute best in terms of performance and efficiency and we stake our 35 year reputation on the fact that when we gather this information, it will be.

Once our technician gathers all of this information he will then prepare a formal quote for you. The quote will include a material calculation worksheet which shows the breakdown of the zones, how much tubing and how many circuits go in each zone, how many aluminum heat emission fins you should have, and the size of pump for every zone.

Radiant Heat Underfloor Material Worksheet

Sample Radiant Heating Worksheet

He will also prepare an estimated heat loss calculation sheet. This assists us in sizing the heating source and determining if the radiant heat will provide all of the necessary heat or if supplemental heat will be required. Finally, you will get an itemized list of material that we think you need in order to do the job along with the price.

Radiant Heating estimated heat loss calculation sheet

Estimated Heat Loss Calculation Sheet

All of our consultation, including quote preparation and providing a list of materials, is provided at NO COST! Many of our competitors charge you for every little thing that they do. At Radiantec, we will earn your trust by providing all of the necessary information up front, including installation manuals, because we believe that in order for people to buy and install radiant heat themselves, they need to understand it. We feel it’s wrong to charge somebody for a service when the customer doesn’t even know if radiant heat is right for them. After all of this work if you decide that radiant heat or Radiantec isn’t the right fit for your project, you simply walk away no questions asked. We won’t badger you for months with multiple phone calls or emails either. We do all of this work as a goodwill gesture so that when you decide to install radiant heat, Radiantec is at the top of your list of suppliers.


In our next blog post we will talk more about what you can expect when you purchase a system from Radiantec as well as our pricing structure.