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Radiantec’s Indirect System

Radiantec’s Indirect System system basically combines our Open Direct System with our Closed System. This system uses a heat exchanger to separate the heating fluid from the domestic hot water. When radiant heat is called for by the thermostat, the radiant heating zone pump and the heat exchanger pump come on at the same time.

Indirect System


  1. This system allows for the use of one highly efficient water heater like the Polaris as the source for heating and domestic hot water.
  2. This system is well accepted by codes because the domestic water and heating water are separated by the heat exchanger.
  3. This system allows for anti-freeze to be used in the heating loop for snowmelt applications.
  4. A solar hot water supplement can be added initially or at any time in the future.


  1. Cost and complexity are increased with the addition of the heat exchanger and additional stainless steel pump.
  2. Unfortunately the limited free cooling benefit of the Open Direct System is eliminated.

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Indirect System Example

Indirect System Example

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