Radiantec Has been a Leader in Radiant Heating for over 30 Years.ALL FREE - Price Quotes, Plans, Diagrams. Brochures, Advice, Installation Manuals...

Radiantec Has been a Leader in Radiant Heating for over 30 Years.ALL FREE - Price Quotes, Plans, Diagrams. Brochures, Advice, Installation Manuals...
Radiantec is Different

Installing Radiant Tubing in the Ceiling
One Example:

Radiantec has
37 years of
in the
Radiant Heating Field

This level of experience speaks to Reputation, Quality
Products, Customer Service, Fair Prices, and the
Likelihood of Customer Satisfaction.

Radiant heating is all that we do, and we do it well.

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Radiantec BelievesPiggy Bank says You can Save!

The benefits of radiant
heat should be for everyone,
not just the wealthy few.

We sell and support DIY Kits

Simple, Easy to Install
Radiant Heating Packages
for the Contractor
or the Do It Yourselfer.

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Be Green! Save Green!

Our energy efficient systems will save you money every month and add resale value to your home. Save on energy costs while you help the environment.


  • Direct Sales
  • Do it yourself options
  • Easy Install radiant packages
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Tax Credits
Radiantec Customer Service is the Best in the Industry!

Customer Support is important with anything that you purchase, but with radiant heating projects, the quality of the customer support that you receive is even more important. Radiantec is the original radiant heating company for the consumer. Radiantec is not a knock off of another radiant company and is not another “dot com.” Your project is important to you and to us.

Lars, in AZ writes “As a last minute discussion to install radiant heat in my slab, you folks were so helpful. I couldn’t believe I spoke to a technician and the materials were shipped the same day.”

Kathleen, in MN writes “I have contacted several radiant heat companies and you folks are the only ones that would take the time to discuss my project with me.”

Herbert, in PA writes “I installed the system, and am very happy with the results. Especially the fact that the Polaris heater saved me about $120.00 a month on my gas bill and is providing nice warm and steady heat, plus never ending hot water for showers.”

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Radiant Heat is Affordable!

Our packages are affordable for everyone – It’s true; a radiant heating system from Radiantec Company costs less than baseboard. Click here to see how affordable it can be.

Radiant heat helps the environment – It’s true, radiant heat is more energy efficient and Radiantec systems can be upgraded to use solar energy. Click here to read about how radiant heating can help the environment. Radiantec Energy Saver Series

Radiant heating makes a great do it yourself project – click here to see how your energy bills can go down while your property value goes up.

Radiant heat is more healthful – Radiant systems do not blow dirt, dust, pollen and bacteria around the house. – click here to read about radiant heat and its health benefits