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About Radiantec


  • Radiantec offers the very latest energy efficient technology at unbeatably low prices.
  • Radiantec provides design assistance and complete customer support; before, during and forever after the sale.
  • Radiantec offers solar, wood and other "alternative energy" products as well as conventional products.
  • Radiantec offers radiant heating products in the form of installation packages that are ideal for the do it yourselfer or for the contractor.


An Important Decision

The heating system is one of the most important parts of the home. Your choice of
a heating system will affect your family’s comfort and even its health for many years to come

25 Years of Experience and Service

In 1979, when Radiantec first started to offer radiant heating services, there were only two or three companies to choose from.

But now, you have many choices. It seems that new companies are coming (and going) almost every day. There are many reasons why Radiantec is still the best choice.

  • RADIANTEC has done tens of thousands of radiant heating jobs.
  • We have done residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural projects.
  • We have done heating cooling, and snow melting projects.
  • We have put tubing in floors, ceilings, walls and driveways.
"As a last minute discussion to install radiant heat in my slab, you folks were so helpful. I couldn't believe I spoke to a technician and the materials were shipped the same day." -Lars, AZ

Our brand new facility.
Radiantec's brand new office
and shipping center

24 degrees below zero at Radiantec's customer service center. Inside, it is a cozy 72 degrees.
24 degrees below zero at
Radiantec's customer service center.

Radiantec Company is located in Northeastern Vermont. In this rural area, there is a longstanding tradition of Yankee ingenuity, simplicity and common sense. You will find these values in everything that we do.

Energy Efficiency

Radiantec is the most energy efficient company in the industry.
Our commitment to the environment and to energy efficiency began many years ago.

In 1984, Radiantec was awarded the Department of Energy’s Award for a “distinguished contribution” of our Nation’s Energy Efficiency.

United States Department of Energy Award for Energy Innovation - 1984 - Presented to Robert J. Starr for a distinguished contribution to our Nation's energy efficiency

Radiantec’s commitment to energy efficiency continues at our state of the art research facility.
What we learn benefits our customers.

Photograph of a red barn

Visit our “Energy Efficiency” page.
See how energy efficient your project can really be.

The Latest Technology

National Code officials have approved new technology that improves radiant heating efficiency and lowers cost .
Visit our  “Systems/Heat Sources” page for more detailed information.

Photograph of a radiant heating system powered by an ultra high efficiency condensing water heater

A radiant heating system powered by an ultra high efficiency condensing water heater.

Customer Support

Photograph of customer support staff

High quality technical support is available before, during and forever after the sale.
Plans, diagrams, advice, design assistance, brochures and installation manuals
Visit our “Customer Support” page.

"I appreciate you always being there to go over my questions. I have spoken to many of your technicians and they are all GREAT!" -Brad, OK

Installation Packages

Photograph of an installation package 1 Photograph of an installation package 2

Radiantec systems come in the form of pre–assembled installation packages
to support the contractor or reasonably competent do it yourselfer.
Visit our Installation Packages page.

Integrity and Reputation

A company with 25 years of experience accumulates a track record.
You can click on the Better Business logo below and obtain a report,
or we will be pleased to provide you with references.

Click here for BBB Business Review Logo of the International Code Council
CAUTION - Imitation is flattery; but sometimes it causes problems. Radiantec is the
original radiant heating company for the consumer. Other companies have
closely copied Radiantec, but there are important differences in quality and support.


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Visit Radiantec

Covered Bridge on the way to Radiantec

If you are in the area, please do not hesitate to stop in.

If you are in town, don't hesitate to stop in. It might be a good idea to call ahead so that we can spend more time with you. Bring your plans if you have them. Bring the kids! We have a toy box for the little ones and exhibits for the older ones.


Our solar technicians are always ready to answer questions. Click here to learn more about Radiantec and to meet some of the people who provide your customer service.

Click here to learn about the environmental benefits of Radiantec systems.

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