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Fundamentals of Solar Energy-What is solar energy?

Solar radiant heat is a popular way to use the sun’s energy. This document, Fundamentals of Solar Energy, offers answers to the basic questions, “what is solar energy & what is the sun”? These questions are important in order to us to design equipment to maximize efficiency.

Is Solar Radiant Heat For You? It may be:

  1. If you have a south facing place to put several 4’X8′ solar panels. Solar collectors do not have to be located on the house or the building to be heated. They can be located on another building such as a garage, or they can be ground mounted and landscaped. They can serve the purposes of a fence and provide privacy and sheltering. The sun should shine upon the solar collectors from 9 AM to 3 PM. If less, the application may still be worthwhile, but the benefit will be less.
  2. If you are a reasonably skilled handyman “or woman” or if you can get a mechanically inclined person to help you. Working with solar is no harder than anything else. With a good installation manual and with expert advice available on an 800 number, results will be excellent.
  3. If you want to invest in something that will pay itself back well. Solar energy is an excellent investment. You need to have or be able to borrow a few thousand dollars. The value of your energy savings will exceed the added mortgage payments from the first day. The income from a solar investment is tax-free and you will benefit the environment while you make money. Pages 14-20 of the US Department of Energy Report discuss heating performance and cost benefit of our systems. Click here to view this report in our “Info Library”.