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End Uses of Hydronic Solar Energy-Radiant heat and Snow Melting

This document discusses different way of using solar energy (solar hot water). From radiant heat, snow melting, pool and spa heating, your choices are endless! Many people ask us what to do when the solar doesn’t provide enough heat. Others fail to plan for those times when the solar hot water system provides too much.

Solar heating is more attractive than ever before because it is now lower in cost and more efficient. Yet fossil fuel prices are higher and more unstable. It is increasingly clear that we must act to protect the environment, and generous tax credits make a good deal even better.

Here are the benefits of solar heating:

  • Solar heat is environmentally friendly. Solar heat does not pollute or produce greenhouse gases. Using solar energy helps conserve the earth’s energy resources for our children and grandchildren.
  • Solar is as pure, clean and safe as you can get. It is the best choice for people with allergy problems and chemical sensitivities. There will be no tanks of highly flammable materials in your house. It will be free of fuel odors and there will be lower electromagnetic fields.
  • Solar heating is stable in price. Once you have bought it, you are protected from inflation and the political surprises that come with other fuels
  • Solar heating is a wise investment. The yield is comparable to a good stock. One nice thing is that the yield from your solar investment is tax free and that the yield goes up in value at the rate of inflation. Imagine what that could be in 20 years!

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