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Polaris Water Heater

Radiantec Company has chosen the Polaris water heater as its preferred heating unit and the one that we offer to our customers. Click here to read about the reasons to use a water heater instead of a boiler.

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The Polaris water heater is more than 95% efficient and condenses the steam in the flue gasses down to water.

Stainless steel

All water passages are made of high-grade stainless steel. This high quality construction prevents corrosion and ensures a long service life.


Residential Polaris units come with a 10-year tank guarantee.

Polaris Water Heater makes hot water for radiant heat.

Standby losses

Standby losses are extremely important to overall energy efficiency. Standby loses are the energy losses that occur when the unit is producing no energy at all, but merely “standing by” ready for use. The Polaris heating units are able to reduce standby losses to about 2% which is an excellent design accomplishment.

No atmospheric vent

Atmospheric vents operate constantly by gravity whether the unit is in operation or not. They take heat out of the tank and out of the house on a continual basis. They are cheap, but enormously wasteful. Polaris vents by means of a blower that only comes on when the unit is operating.

High power

All Polaris water heaters are high-powered units. High-powered units can use a smaller tank and operate at lower temperatures. Lower temperatures mean higher efficiency and lower standby losses. They also mean longer life, increased safety, less corrosion and less lime buildup. Less lime buildup in itself means less maintenance, better efficiency, even less corrosion and a still longer service life. Smaller tanks are not top heavy and less prone to tip over in the delivery truck. They save space in the mechanical area and are easier work on.


A Polaris water heater costs considerably more than many low-end water heaters, but when you consider everything, they are really quite a bargain. In addition to making hot water, the Polaris also replaces a complicated boiler that can cost 3 times as much money to buy, are not made of stainless steel, are not nearly as efficient, and do not provide your domestic hot water.

Larger flue

The combustion chamber and flue is the place where most of the heat from the fire is turned into hot water for you to use. When the combustion chamber and flue is large and efficient, heat transfer is better and higher efficiency is higher. You can see from the cutaway view that the Polaris has a large and efficient chamber and flue. Unless a heating unit has a large chamber and flue such as this, Radiantec must remain a little skeptical about associated efficiency claims.

Environmental benefits

Those who live closest to the heating unit are the one’s who will benefit most from the fact that the unit produces a minimum of pollution.

When the Polaris condenses the flue gasses down to a liquid, it does more than save energy. It also removes acid rain components such as nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide and helps remove greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide. These serious air pollution components and health hazards are then drained away harmlessly with the condensed water.

For these reasons and many other ones, the Polaris heating unit is our choice to offer our customers.

Click Here to learn more about the environmental benefits of the Polaris.