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As a last minute discussion to install radiant heat in my slab, you folks were so helpful. I couldn’t believe I spoke to a technician and the materials were shipped the same day.

Thanks for your help yesterday. The plumber and I added valves to the system and blew the air out. Our house (3600sq. ft. with 26 vaulted ceilings) heated up to a comfortable level in less than 12 hours. I went from disappointed to amazed.

Knowledgeable tech reps… good follow through… costs in line with quote

Hallelujah – we got both the domestic hot water and radiant heat lines working just fine. You and Radiantec have been outstanding in your handholding and technical support… always prompt and always cheerful. We sure appreciate that. When one buys off the internet...

I have contacted several radiant heat companies and you folks are the only ones that would take the time to discuss my project with me. I chose to purchase your system and love it. Thank you for your design help.