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You could win a free hat! At Radiantec, our goal is to meet your needs in the best possible way. You are important to us. You should get an immediate response to your inquiry. Thereafter, your requests for information or a proposal should be handled promptly and professionally.

But once in a while… a customer feels that he has been lost in the shuffle or that he has not been responded to within a reasonable period of time. If that happens to you, we want to make it right.

You could win a free hat!!!

Or you may (or may not) prefer a free tee shirt,
(with or without the infamous “WE’RE IN HEAT” annotation)
Free tee shirt, with or without the infamous "WE'RE IN HEAT" annotation

Or you could have a shirt that advocates solar energy
Free Tshirt that advocates Solar Energy

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  1. You can request PRIORITY SERVICE if you are in a hurry. Simply check the appropriate box on our forms or verbally advise our technicians.
  2. If your spam filters are set too high, our e-mail responses may not get through to you and they may not be returned to us either. Check your “junk mail folder”.
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