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Open Direct System

Summertime Cooling Mode

If you want extra cooling in the summer, but not in the winter, you turn a simple bypass valve and all of the cold water that the household uses will go through the floor as well.

This is not as complicated as it may seem at first. During the summer, when large quantities of free cooling are wanted, cold water from your supply will go through the tubes within the floor on its way to the fixtures. This action takes heat out of the house for free. Operating the outside water faucet uses even more water and adds to the cooling benefit. Prewarmed water will not shock garden plants.

During the Winter, you do not want cold water to pass through the floor on its way to the cold water fixtures because it would raise the heating bill. You turn a simple bypass valve at the start of the winter to stop unwanted cooling.

Note: Cold water bound for the hot water heater always goes through the heating tubes to prevent stagnation under all circumstances. This action causes no harm and has other benefits such as making it nearly impossible to run out of hot water.

From the environmental standpoint, this is a very good thing. It is an absolutely free flow of energy that passes through your house whether you choose to take advantage of it or not. This action will even preheat the cold water going to the domestic hot water heater and save again on the hot water bill. On top of that, your toilet tanks and other fixtures do not sweat when humidity levels are high.

If you have questions about the “Open Direct System,” please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.



Open Direct System | Summertime Cooling Mode Animation

Legend for Open Direct System | Summertime Cooling Mode Animation

Photo of Diverter

This simple diverter valve is all the homeowner needs
to turn to go from summer to winter operation.

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