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Installation packages from Radiantec make the work
go Easier, Faster and more Economically.


With Radiantec packages, most of the work is done in the shop under quality controlled circumstances using the right tools and custom made jigs. Professionals like them because they save money and help get the job done promptly. They are perfect for "do-it-yourselfers" because the highly skilled part is done for them.


There is no down time because of weather and there is no running around looking for components. You get the right parts and not questionable substitutions. The work is done by skilled technicians who have done hundreds if not thousands of projects.

Shop work is much less expensive than site work and you, the customer will save the difference. Radiantec buying power means that our components cost us less and we can pass the difference on to you.

Radiantec has learned a lot about what components work well together and last a long time. We can help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Installation packages from Radiantec make the work go Easier, Faster and more Economically Installation packages from Radiantec make the work go Easier, Faster and more Economically Installation packages from Radiantec make the work go Easier, Faster and more Economically


Most heating systems have two or more heating zones. The Zone Distribution Manifold (ZDM) is the place where the flow of warm water from the heating unit branches off to the individual heating zones. The fluid from the individual heating zones will then come back together to form one pipe and then go back to the heating unit to be reheated.

These installation packages have the right components that are pre-assembled in the right manner they are pre-tested, pre-engineered and the will save you many hours of site work. Often, the shipping crate will serve double duty as an attractive mounting board. Click for Pricing.


The slab distribution manifold is the place where the main pipe from the heating unit branches off into two or more circuits. It is not practical or desireable to run just one long circuit because the warm waterwill lose its heat before the end of the run and the remaining tubing will be "loafing".

The manifold should be plumbed so that the fittings are close so that the manifold will not take up too much room. For this reason, it requires a little more skill and some special jigs so that when one fitting is made, it does not damage the one next to it.

slab manifold

installing manifold

pressure testing

The manifold requires a very sturdy box that will serve both as the shipping container and also as a concrete form. The entire box, including the manifold is intended to be cast into the slab so that the fittings remain accessible and yet the tubing does not come out of the plane of the slab where it could be damaged. After the concrete pour, the box is rebuilt to protect the work from abuse during the remained of the construction.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the installation manuals are as easy as possible to work with and they are pressure tested at the factory so there shouuld be no problems at the site. Click for Pricing.

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