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Aluminum Heat Emission Fins

Aluminum heat emission fins are used in “staple up systems” where the floor is warmed by installing tubing below the floor. Then, the heat transfer plates wrap around the tube and attach to the bottom of the floor by using a staple gun.

Aluminum heat emission fins perform three important functions:

  1. To help to carry heat away from the tubing and distribute it through the joist space and into the floor (Heat transfer).
  2. They support the Pex tubing.
  3. They greatly reduce downward heat loss (backloss).

Many people ask us how the aluminum heat emission fins should be installed. To start with, you can use these rule of thumb guidelines:

  1. If heat loss downward (backloss) is entirely wasted, cover the tubes entirely and insulate well. Unheated basements and crawl spaces are a couple of examples. If heat loss downward is useful to another space, then a reduction in aluminum by half should be considered.
  2. The tubing should be covered entirely if the flooring material is thick or carpeted.
  3. If low operating temperatures are desired, as for solar heating applications or for very high efficiency, cover the tubing entirely.
  4. If there is any area that requires more heat than another (baths/greatrooms), the tubing should be covered entirely.

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