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Radiantec has 40 years of Experience in the Radiant Heating Field

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Customer Reviews


As a last minute discussion to install radiant heat in my slab, you folks were so helpful. I couldn’t believe I spoke to a technician and the materials were shipped the same day.

Lars, AZ

Thanks for your help yesterday. The plumber and I added valves to the system and blew the air out. Our house (3600sq. ft. with 26 vaulted ceilings) heated up to a comfortable level in less than 12 hours. I went from disappointed to amazed.

Bob, OR

Knowledgeable tech reps… good follow through… costs in line with quote

John, NY

Hallelujah – we got both the domestic hot water and radiant heat lines working just fine. You and Radiantec have been outstanding in your handholding and technical support… always prompt and always cheerful. We sure appreciate that. When one buys off the internet there is always that little nervous feeling of ‘I hope these guys are honest/capable/professional, etc.’ You guys surely are. If all businesses were run like yours life would be so much easier. Any chance you could provide training for the IRS people?

Bill & Mary, Woodburne, NY

I have contacted several radiant heat companies and you folks are the only ones that would take the time to discuss my project with me. I chose to purchase your system and love it. Thank you for your design help.

Kathleen, MN

Helpful design assistance… detailed instructions… answers to our questions toll-free…

Mary, OR

We are in the process of shifting things around leading up to the installation of your system. I want to thank you and Radiantec for a very professional manner in handling my request.

Yes, I did solicit other proposals but my decision to use your product and services was influenced by an immediate response by your office to my e-mail and a very prompt response by yourself to explain what would work best for my situation.

Your care in shipping and the installation instructions and recommendations were way more than I had expected. It will make the installation a lot easier.

Larry, Ely, MN

Thank you for this wonderful service.I have read with great interest, all the material that you have provided, and now have a much better understanding of this system… Please relay to your marketing people, how impressed I am with your web site and service.

Seamus, NS

I appreciate your companies professionalism and feel you will probably be a good fit for my project. We are probably a month away from completing the purchase.

Thanks for following up! In this tight economy you wouldn’t believe how many don’t even return calls!

Mike, Rogersville, AL

I received your thorough and well-thought-out proposal… I was impressed with your promptness, your presentation and pricing. If I hear of anyone else who’s considering radiant heat, I would not hesitate to recommend Radiantec. You have the best website, too, I think, of all the places I could find.

Nancy, Chapel Hill, NC